1. Litz in Qingdao Exhibition has the largest scale, the most advanced products, the most manpower and resources with the MAEAK, MORI, DMG on the same platform, to show the strength of Litz to customers in Qingdao.
  2. In LB horizontal machining series, Litz takes the western part of Chongqing and the eastern part of Qingdao as the sales base, includes the Jiaxing headquarters of Zhejiang province. Together with the entire company, it distributes its products to all parts of the country in order to give feedback and support to customers.
  3. The LB boring machine exhibited by the company was highly received by the customer and was highly inquired. It was also like the exhibition in Chongqing in May. From the moment of launch, numerous customers consulted and left a contact card with the customer like snowflakes; Litz is also dedicated to explaining products to customers. Litz attached great importance to using the advice and advice provided by the customers. In order to make the products more in line with the needs of the customers, we sent a technical team to visit the customers and listen carefully to the customer's voice, because we focused on the customer's voice and developed it into a product. Better products are our driving force and goals.
  4. After the establishment of Qingdao Litz for 5 years, it’s been 3 years since the opening of the 5S stores. During this period, Litz has established a perfect sales and service system to provide local customers with the timely service, and at the same time, it has also brought great outcome to Litz. Before the exhibition in Qingdao (on August 1st), in order to expand its service customers, Litz moved to a new 5S shop, hoping to be closer to customers and provide better services, so that customers can be more satisfied with the company and its products which makes Litz products the best choice for customers!
  5. Hereby express our deepest gratitude to our customers and friends who support our company!
  • 麗馳科技參加青島展
  • 麗馳科技參加青島展
  • 麗馳科技參加青島展