Bonus / Dividend / Travel / Dinner / Family Fun Day

Big family with happiness and sense of belonging

Create a working environment where employees can work happily and put the right people in the right place.
Let each colleague pursue a sense of accomplishment at work and enjoy the joy of growing up.
We also value the employees’ thoughts and feelings, and support employees to regulate their physiology and metal states while they’re off work.
Moreover, give employees humane care and provide multiple benefits and organize a variety of activities.
Allow employees to reach a balance between physical and mental health in their lives.

Payroll system

Talents are highly-valued asset by Litz and we don’t hesitate to share our achievements in operation with our colleagues. Provide each employee with a differentiated overall salary. In addition to the year-end bonuses, there are bonus systems that include dividends, proposal bonuses, and other incentives to motivate talented individuals who seek excellence.

Profit and results sharing

Excellent personnel honor
Proposal reward system
Employee dividends
Year-end bonuses

Provide comprehensive care

Perfect retirement mechanism
A sound labor insurance/health insurance system
Group insurance: accident insurance, accidental medical insurance.
Overseas travel plus safe Insurance; employees are protected on business trips

A variety of leisure activities

Club activities: hiking club, basketball club, jogging club, badminton club. Employee travel: Every year, domestic and foreign tourism is held, and free activities are not limited. Appointed store: several.

Diversified benefits

The annual senior and excellent staff honor
Joyful year-end Thanksgiving party and occasional internal dinner
From time to time provide diversity books for each department to enrich the mind and knowledge. All kinds of emergency assistance
Subsidy is granted
Marriage, funeral, birth and hospitalization grant
Three-festival and birthday gift voucher or gifts