The unremitting pursuit of precision and quality is a feature of Taiwan Litz, and is also a characteristic of each employee of Taiwan Litz. We have been holding this spirit and manufacturing high-performance products verified by ISO 9001 certification which serves a fundamental guarantee for excellent workmanship, products and services.

Certified by ISO 9001

  • Taiwan Litz Hitech was certified by ISO 9001 of 2005 edition in 1998.
  • We were certified by ISO 9001 of 2000 edition in 2001.

Certified by ISO 14000

  • Taiwan Litz Hitec passed the ISO 9001 certification in 2002 and promised to take measures to comply with environmental protection in all operations.
  • In product design, lubricants are reduced, oil and water separation measures, fully-covered metal sheet dust collectors to prevent dust, noise control and households in the dry cutting and cold wind cutting research and development.

Certified by CE

  • Taiwan Litz Hitech was certified by CE of in 2001.

Certified by EMC


For each group of zero cotton, precision gauges must be inspected before assembly to ensure the precise quality of the parts. Inspection records need to be fully recorded in the process for future tracking services.

Precision parts are measured on a granite platform using a secondary element bed.

The inner diameter of the casing and the inner diameter of the precision cylinder gauge. .

Precision parts are measured on a granite platform using a secondary element bed.

Two rails parallel measurement

Track straightness measurement

  • After each orbit has been processed by precision, it requires high-precision electronic level measurement.
  • Ensure the accuracy of the track after installation.

straightness and squareness measurement

  • For each axis, the TTIO measurement is used to obtain the axial motion trueness adjustment.
  • The right-angled movement of any two axes is measured by TTIO, and the vertical axis error can be adjusted.
squareness measurement
  • The two axes are read by the probe, and after entering the TT10 instrument, a curve is created to obtain the error and relationship between true straightness and straight angle.
  • Measuring length of 400m/m, larger machine measuring length of 600m/m
straightness measurement
  • The value read by the probe is input to the TT10 instrument and a curve graph is created to clearly show the changes in true straightness.
  • Full straightness measurement is read directly by the probe to reduce visual errors.

Advanced inspection equipment and technology

In order to ensure maximum product quality and meet customer needs, Litz develops a complete quality control system and uses advanced inspection equipment and technology to ensure product quality.

Laser inspection

  • The full travel accuracy is compensated by the laser correction to ensure the precision and calibration results of the machine.

Circular inspection

  • Use circular measuring instrument to correct the true circular precision and the machine geometrical accuracy so as to ensure the movement accuracy of the three-dimensional space of the machine bed.

Spindle dynamic balance correction

  • The IRD dynamic balance device is used to correct the speed, displacement and acceleration characteristics of the maximum spindle speed.

Pulling force test for spindles

  • Each spindle broaching system requires a spindle tension test to ensure the spindle clamping force and tool rigidity.
  • The high-pull spindle broaching system improves the rigidity of the tool mounting, ensures the rigidity of the heavy-cutting tool, and achieves good machining accuracy.

Balance correction for spindles

  • After the assembly of the spindle is completed, the balance machine corrects its equilibrium state to ensure the stability of the high-speed operation of the spindle.

Temperature rise and run test for spindles

  • After the main shaft assembly is completed, the temperature rise and run test for spindles are performed through the computer running program.
  • Each spindle detects its temperature through multi-point temperature sensors. The rotation speed changes from low to high to ensure that the spindle gets the best running-in.

Reference block test

  • Each machine must be tested and tested by precision instruments, and dynamic cutting tests must be done in accordance with international standards.
  • The standard test blocks that have been cut are subject to three-dimensional bed testing to ensure that the accuracy meets the standards.

Exquisite scrapping and craftsmanship

With exquisite scrapping technology, the contact surface of the slideway is carefully crafted, and the precision lasts longer.

Nut base accuracy is calibrated to ensure transmission accuracy.

After each machine is scratched, it is checked by rubbing, and the job records are saved.

The special oil circuit design provides enough lubricant for the slide surface to ensure the transmission accuracy.

VDI 3441 positioning and repeatability (positioning precision) chart

  • VDI 3441 positioning and repeatability (positioning precision) chart