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Company Profile

Established in 1987, Litz Hitech Corp. has dedicated itself in R&D and manufacturing of the CNC machining centers. Litz’s core products include CNC Vertical Machining Centers, 5 Axes High-Precision Machines, CNC Turning Centers, CNC Horizontal Milling Centers, High-Speed Tapping Centers, Boring Centers and Ultrasonic Applications. Today, Litz Hitech outputs more than 2,000 machines annually and is aggressively expanding year after year.

Factories & Subsidiaries
Litz Hitech Corp. is headquartered in Taichung City (Tachia District, Central Taiwan), and occupies 17,000 square meters. Additionally, in Taiwan, Litz Hitech deploys two other factories in greater Taichung area. Each of the 3 factories is dedicated to production of specific models/series. All three factories are situated well inside the center of the machine tool supply-chain strip. The geographic convenience enables abundant exposure to highest quality supports from key suppliers in a timely fashion.

Since 2004, Litz Machine Tools (JiaXing) Corp. in China was established, specifically to serve the Chinese market. The facility is conveniently located 1 hour away from Shanghai, with 25,000 square meters in factory space. This is a mirror facility to Taiwan Headquarter, meticulously managed, to ensure equivalent quality level as Taiwan Headquarter. Over the last decade, Litz’s efforts in developing its Chinese distribution have put itself in favorable position in the Chinese market.

Quality Excellences
Litz Hitech’s vast experiences in OEM/ODM manufacturing for internationally recognized makers sets Litz apart from its competition. The longtime partnerships are the best testimony of Litz’s superior quality standard. Litz realizes that excellent quality is the foundation for successful long term business, thus, Litz’s goal is to never compromise quality in any circumstances.

Ambition & Vision
Since the emergence of the corporation plan to expand internationally 15 years ago, Litz grew from a small-sized business to a reputable machine tool maker. In the years to come, Litz will strive to become the world-class machine tool maker by continuing to achieve excellences in all aspect of the manufacturing.

Litz’s early success revolves entirely around OEM/ODM manufacturing partnerships. Although the facility was established 3 decades ago, Litz Hitech’s quest for international markets begins just over a decade ago. Today, both the Litz-branded machines and OEM/ODM manufacturing weigh healthily in Litz’s business spectrum. Internationally, Litz is represented over 20 highly industrialized countries, and is ambitiously expanding its partnership.

Last Update: 2014 Jan 1st.